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Skydive Byron Bay | How to get to Byron Bay Dropzone

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About Skydive Byron Bay Dropzone

Skydive Byron Bay Dropzone is a popular skydiving destination located in the scenic coastal town of Byron Bay, Australia. The dropzone offers breathtaking views of the town's stunning beaches, hinterland, and Cape Byron Lighthouse, the easternmost point of Australia. Get your heart racing with tandem skydiving at the nearest beach skydive to Byron Bay. You'll jump from 15,000 feet above, freefall for 60 seconds at over 200 km per hour, and then float for 5 to 7 minutes over Byron Bay while taking in the breathtaking scenery.

Why You Should Skydive at Byron Bay

Skydive Byron Bay
  • Coastal Skyline: Views of Byron Bay's beaches, the Cape Byron Lighthouse, and the coastal towns and villages below are what make it one of the most popular skydiving destinations in Australia.
  • Professional Instructors: You will be skydiving with the help of a team of professional instructors who will ensure your safety while you have an unforgettable experience.
  • Unforgettable experience: Tandem skydiving over Byron Bay from altitudes of 15,000 feet is definitely an experience that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Skydive Byron Bay Dropzone Location

Address: Hanger 1 Tyagarah Airfield, Tyagarah NSW 2481, Australia. Find on Maps

The dropzone is at Tyagarah Airport, which is roughly a 10-minute drive from Byron Bay. Both take-off and landing are on the same airstrip to ensure convenience. You can also get refreshments around the dropzone before and after your jump.

How to Get to Skydive Byron Bay Dropzone?

Skydive Byron Bay
  • By Car: Visitors can drive to the dropzone by following the Pacific Motorway and turning onto Tyagarah Road. There is free parking available at the dropzone.
  • By Bus: There are several bus companies that operate services to Byron Bay, including Greyhound, Premier Motor Service, and Byron Easy Bus. Visitors can then take a taxi or arrange a shuttle to the dropzone.
  • By Train: The nearest train station is Byron Bay, which is serviced by the NSW TrainLink North Coast line. Visitors can then take a taxi or arrange a shuttle to the dropzone from he

What to Expect at Skydive Byron Bay Dropzone?

Tandem fall

Upon arrival at the Skydive Byron Bay Dropzone, visitors are greeted by a friendly team of experienced instructors. You will be asked to sign some waivers and complete basic formalities before heading for your tandem jump. 

Your instructor will take you through a 30-minute training session where you will learn about techniques and positions you will need to follow while diving. You will also meet your jumpmaster during this time. This training is brief because your jumpmaster will mostly control the fall. 

After the training, you will be secured to your diving equipment along with your jumpmaster and flown to 15,000 ft. Once you dive from the plane, you will free-fall for about 60 seconds until the jumpmaster deploys the chute. You will then glide down slowly for the next 5-7 minutes, allowing you to soak in the picturesque landscape of Byron Bay. 

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Know Before You Go Skydiving at Byron Bay

Age & Weight
What to Wear
What to Eat

The Byron Bay dropzone is open every day from 8 AM to 8 PM. 

The entire skydiving experience, including briefing, flight and jump, can last about 3-4 hours, even if the jump itself is about 5-7 minutes. Arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time slot. 

Since skydiving is highly weather dependent, the experience will be available as long as the weather permits.


The minimum age to go skydiving at Byron Bay is 16. A signed consent along with a guardian should be present for divers aged 16-18. 


The maximum weight limit is 110 kg. If you weigh more than 95 kg, inform the facility beforehand to make the necessary arrangements. Additional charges will apply if your weight is more than 95 kg.

Wear t-shirts, joggers, track pants, or other activewear that are breezy and comfortable. Carry an extra jacket with you as it can get chilly at 15,000 ft. Wear closed shoes and trainers and avoid wearing loose clothes and accessories.

Breakfast cereal or protein-rich meals like eggs are good options if your jump is scheduled for the morning. If your anxiety prevents you from eating, have a smoothie to keep it settled during the jump. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Skydive Byron Bay Dropzone

What is the Skydive Byron Bay dropzone?

The skydive Byron Bay dropzone is a skydiving centre located at Hangar 1, Tyagarah Airfield, Tyagarah NSW 2481, Australia, providing a thrilling and safe tandem skydiving experience for visitors. 

What is the difference between Byron Bay and Noosa dropzones in Gold Coast?

The main difference between the Byron Bay and Noosa dropzones in Gold Coast is the location, with Byron Bay offering stunning views of the Australian coastline and hinterland, while Noosa provides scenic views of the Sunshine Coast.

What is the minimum age for skydiving at Byron Bay?

The minimum age for skydiving at Byron Bay is 16 years old, with parental consent required for visitors under 18.

What is the weight limit for skydiving at Byron Bay?

The weight limit for skydiving at Byron Bay is 110 kg (242 lbs).

How long does the skydiving experience at Byron Bay last?

The skydiving experience at Byron Bay typically lasts for around 3-4 hours, including training, briefing, and the actual jump. 

What is the price of skydiving at Byron Bay dropzone?

The price of skydiving at Byron Bay dropzone starts from A$399 for a tandem skydive, with additional packages available for photo and video options.