So, you’re planning to jump out of an airplane? Or rather, skydive? Excellent decision!

We’re sure you have an endless list of questions, but there’s too much information spread across the Internet. 

Here’s where we come in; our site is a one-stop destination for skydiving information. From the best locations to skydive and all the different skydiving safety rules to wondering what is tandem skydive or how high does a plane go for skydiving, we’re here to answer all your questions, and then some. 

We bring to you some of the best locations in the world, including skydiving in Dubai, Melbourne and even the Grand Canyon; answer all your skydiving-related queries and concerns, and guide first-time skydivers through the entire experience. 

What’s better is that you can book the best skydiving experiences from us at unbelievable prices with great offers and discounts.

Skydive Locations

skydiving in dubai

Dubai has taken hospitality and tourism up a notch with the skydiving experiences it offers. Travelers can go for both indoor skydiving in Dubai, or tandem skydiving at the Palm Drop Zone or Desert Drop Zone.

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indoor skydiving singapore

The tiny island of Singapore offers a variety of experiences for tourists. Try something new! Feel the rush of cool air as you free-fall without actually jumping out of a plane by opting for indoor skydiving at iFly Singapore.

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skydiving in melbourne

Melbourne is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, offering a variety of experiences for travelers, like skydiving! Travelers can skydive in Melbourne at St Kilda, Yarra Valley or Great Ocean Road.

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skydiving in sydney

As a tourist-friendly hub, Sydney offers a host of experiences to travelers. For a healthy dose of adrenaline, you can go skydiving in Sydney. The two best locations are Wollongong and Newcastle.

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skydive grand canyon
Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of greatest attractions in the US. For a pulse-racing experience, freefall from 10,000 ft in the sky and witness the surreal landscape by skydiving at the Grand Canyon.

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Skydive Cairns

Located on the east coast of Queensland, Cairns is a tropical paradise and popular tourist destination in the land down under. While there’s plenty of exciting experiences to be had in Cairns, an off-beat one that’s sure to excite thrill-seekers is skydiving! 

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Skydive Gold coast
Gold Coast

Home to some truly mesmerizing blue-green beaches and immaculately-maintained green covers, a visit to the Gold Coast is impossible to miss. And, when you’re at the Gold Coast, if you’re looking for a thrilling view of the ocean, what better way than by going skydiving?

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Skydive Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi

All thrill-seekers are in for a real surprise at the world’s coolest adventure hub, Clymb Abu Dhabi! Don’t just go there for the skydiving experience, really soak it all in: after all, Clymb does house the world’s biggest indoor skydiving flight chamber (at a whopping width of 32 ft and a record-breaking height of 104 ft)!

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Perth Skydiving

Bursting with a population of over 2.1 million, Perth brings the best of both worlds by perfecting blending nature and urban lifestyle. And what better way to discover the city highlights than by opting for the Perth skydiving experience.

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Skydive Information Guide

For those not familiar with skydiving essentials, our carefully curated guide is what you need. Read about all the different safety rules and guidelines, learn about tandem skydiving, indoor skydiving and important skydiving terms, know everything there is if you’re a first-time skydiver, get helpful tips and more!

First-time Skydiving
Tandem Skydiving
Best Places to Skydive
Skydiving Facts

Is it your first skydive? You must have a million questions about skydiving basics, skydiving height and safety, best places to skydive, what to wear and eat before skydiving, medical conditions that prevent skydiving, and so on. If you’re a first-time skydiver, our guide is what you need to resolve all large and small concerns and queries.

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Are you worried about having to free-fall all by yourself from more than 10,000 ft. in the sky? Try tandem skydiving!   

With just about 30-40 minutes of training, you can take the plunge -- with a licensed skydiving instructor strapped to your back. Your tandem skydiving instructor completely controls the fall, and you don’t have to worry about a single thing except for just enjoying the view. Tandem skydiving is safe, secure and the best option for those jumping out of a plane for the first time.

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One of the most frequently asked questions is whether skydiving is safe. The short answer is:


Owing to its nature -- freefalling from 10,000 ft in the sky -- it is a natural, human assumption to question the safety aspect of skydiving. However, compared to other extreme sports, skydiving is one of the safest, with the lowest injury and fatality rates. In fact, you’re more likely to contract rabies or die in a car crash.

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The world is your skydiving oyster! You can go skydiving in Australia or Switzerland, over the Fiji Islands or surreal waterfalls in Africa. We bring to you the best places to skydive.

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Ever wondered who was the first person to skydive? Or what the world record for maximum skydiving height is? Or even who takes those amazing videos! Our factsheet answers all your questions.

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You must have plenty more questions if it's your first time skydiving. Get in-depth information and tips about skydiving and find answers to any query you might have.

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