Freefall from 15,000 ft at Skydive Wollongong! Location, timings, views and more.

Skydiving from Wollongong, Sydney

Get ready to take the dive over the stunning city of Wollongong! Wollongong, a beach city just south of Sydney, boasts the only coastal dropzone in the greater area. Leap from 15,000 feet over North Wollongong Beach, soaking in views that reach Sydney's Opera House. This unique Illawarra district location offers an unforgettable adrenaline rush with dazzling sights of the New South Wales coastline!

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Know before you skydive in Wollongong

What to wear
What to eat
Health/age/weight restrictions
What to carry
An instructor and a guest jumping off a plane to skydive
  • Opening hours: Skydive Wollongong is open from 8am to 7pm daily. 
  • Tandem skydiving slots are available every hour, starting at 8am. 
  • Arriving at the dropzone: Reach the zone at least 15 minutes prior to your assigned time slot to ensure that everything runs smoothly.
  • Best time to skydive: We’d recommend scheduling your skydive as early in the day as possible – for clear skies and less crowds.

  • Address: Skydive Sydney-Wollongong, Stuart Park, George Hanley Dr, Wollongong, NSW 2500
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  • Getting there by car: The drive from Sydney takes roughly 1-1.5 hours depending on traffic. The dropzone is located at Stuart Park, Wollongong.

Getting there by bus:

  • Bus route 887: This route heads towards Wollongong University. Get off at the Bourke St at Corrimal St stop, which is a 1.2-kilometer walk from the dropzone. 
  • Bus route 57: Take this route towards Greenacres and get off at Bourke St at Cliff Rd stop. This is also a 1.2-kilometer walk from the dropzone.
  • Route S234: This route travels towards Balgownie. Get off at Kembla St at Blacket St stop, which is a slightly longer 1.5-kilometer walk from the dropzone. 
Safety - Skydive Wollongong
  • Experienced instructors: You'll be jumping with highly-trained and certified instructors who prioritize your safety.
  • Top-notch equipment: Skydive Wollongong utilizes state-of-the-art, regularly maintained skydiving equipment.
  • Emergency procedures: The team is trained in emergency procedures to ensure a safe and smooth jump experience.
  • Automatic Activation Device (AAD): For ultimate peace of mind, your equipment is equipped with a backup system that automatically deploys the parachute if needed.
  • Medical insurance included: Enjoy an added layer of security with AU$50,000 medical insurance coverage during your skydiving experience.
What to wear - Skydive Wollongong
  • Comfy clothes: Think sweat-wicking athletic wear – that allows for easy movement.
  • Sturdy shoes: Lace-up sneakers with good ankle support are ideal.
  • Sun protection: Pack sunscreen and sunglasses.
  • Loose clothing: Flapping clothes can be a safety hazard during freefall.
  • Jewelry: Remove any dangling earrings, necklaces, or bracelets.
  • Heavy gear: Leave your backpack or purse at home, the jump center will provide storage.
What to eat - Skydive Wollongong
  • Grab a light, energizing breakfast like cereal, a smoothie, or a sandwich.
  • Skip greasy foods that might cause nausea during your freefall adventure.
  • Drink plenty of water before your jump. You don't want dehydration slowing you down at high altitudes.
  • Avoid alcohol and drugs for 24 hours before your jump.
Health/age/weight restrictions - Skydive Wollongong
  • Age: You have to be over 16 to skydive in Australia. Jumpers under the age of 18 years will have to get their parents’/guardians’ signed consent, and the guardians will have to be present during the jump as well.
  • Weight: Enthusiasts below 94 kg can jump for free. Those above this weight limit would have to pay a surcharge – although the maximum weight to jump is 100 kg for men and 95 for women.
  • Health: Be honest about your health. Inform the instructors of any pre-existing medical conditions (heart diseases or vertigo) to ensure you're cleared for the jump.
What to carry - Skydive Wollongong


  • Medication (as required)
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Sun protection

Don’t carry:

  • Electronics
  • Bags
  • Gum
  • Sharp objects

Tips for your Skydive Wollongong experience

  • Listen to your instructor: They've been jumping out of planes for years, so their pre-jump instructions are basically the skydiving bible. Pay attention – they'll tell you everything you need to know to have a safe and awesome jump!
  • Feeling under the weather? Don't be afraid to reschedule if you're not feeling 100%. Skydiving is all about feeling your best, so listen to your body and jump another day.
  • Butterflies in your stomach? It's natural to feel nervous before your jump. Take some deep breaths, maybe do some calming stretches, and don't be shy to chat with your instructor – communication is key!
  • Ask questions: Feeling confused about anything? Ask away! The more comfortable and informed you feel, the smoother your jump will be.

Frequently asked questions about skydiving in Wollongong

Is it worth jumping from Skydive Wollongong?

Absolutely! Skydive Wollongong offers a heart-pounding freefall over stunning coastal landscapes. You’ll be plummeting towards the earth with breathtaking views of Wollongong and the Illawarra coastline.

Is it safe to jump from Wollongong?

Skydive Wollongong prioritizes safety – with regulations, qualified instructors, and well-maintained equipment. Note that according to Gitnux, the odds of experiencing a fatality in a tandem skydive in Australia are about 1 in 500,000.

What are my ticket options for Skydive Wollongong?

Your Skydive Wollongong ticket gives you the chance to tandem jump from 15,000 feet up in the sky! Choose the Photos & Video option so you can document your entire skydiving experience.

What can I see at this dropzone?

As you soar through the sky, you'll see the Wollongong coastline, golden beaches, and potentially even catch a glimpse of the iconic Sydney Opera House on the horizon (on clear days).

Can I cancel my booking?

While your Skydive Wollongong tickets cannot be cancelled, you can reschedule them up to 24 hours before your booking.

What is the best way to get to this dropzone?

Consider renting a car for the easiest access (about a 1-1.5 hour drive from Sydney). Alternatively, taxis or rideshare services are available from Wollongong Station.

How old do I have to be to skydive from Wollongong?

The minimum age to skydive at Wollongong is 16 with a guardian's consent. For independent thrill-seekers, the age limit is 18+.