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Skydive Melbourne - St Kilda Beach Tandem Freefall

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A thrilling sky diving experience in Melbourne with Tandem Freefall!

  • Make a heart-pounding leap from the skies, 15,000 feet up in the air over Melbourne!
  • An expert sky diving support team will ensure you're up to date with safety requirements and procedures
  • With state-of-the-art parachutes equipped with AAD technology to auto-engage at preset altitudes, you can leave any worry for a safe landing behind!
  • Marvel at the views of St. Kilda, Melbourne’s business district, and the glittering golden beaches of Port Philip Bay from your aerial vantage point
  • Enjoy free transfers from Melbourne CBD to Melbourne skydive center (available only for 8:00 AM check-in from Mon-Fri)
  • These tickets cannot be canceled, amended, or rescheduled
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Skydive Great Ocean Road Tandem Freefall

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An adrenaline-pumping skydiving experience over Melbourne!

  • Plummet from the skies, from 15,000 feet over Melbourne and embrace the adrenaline rushing into your veins
  • Catch stunning aerial glimpses of Torquay, Great Ocean Road, and its beguiling beaches
  • Receive thorough training on the art of skydiving by an expert on-site support team
  • Leave any concern for safety behind with state-of-the-art, failure-proof equipment
  • Enjoy free roundtrip transfers from Southbank to Great Ocean Road skydive center
  • Get a full refund on canceling this ticket up to 48h before the schedule
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Skydive Yarra Valley Tandem Freefall

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Freefalling in Melbourne for a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

  • Plunge from the skies, 15,000 feet over Melbourne and freefall like a bird on this thrilling skydiving journey
  • Get bird’s-eye views of Victoria, Melbourne, and its beautiful beaches as you swoop through the Yarra Valley
  • With state-of-the-art parachutes equipped with AAD technology, you can leave all concerns for safety behind!
  • Enjoy free round-trip transfers from Melbourne CBD
  • Get a full refund on canceling this ticket up to 24h before the schedule
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Cultural diversity, extreme sports, fine dining and so much more! The city of Melbourne is widely recognized as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Whether you’re looking for some quirky street art or underground breweries, a relaxing time at the beach or some exceptional desserts, the city consecutively exceeds expectations and how!

In recent times, there’s one particular attraction that has added to the city’s global appeal: skydiving in Melbourne. Don’t worry -- it’s not just for the experienced, but also caters to first-timers and beginners in the sport. 

Prepare for the adventure of a lifetime; views of the stunning blue-green ocean and lush green landscapes complete with spine-tingling emotions is in store for you. Strap on!

Where Can I Go Skydiving in Melbourne?

skydive st kilda
St. Kilda

Skydive at St. Kilda to get the best of both worlds: glorious views of Melbourne’s impressive skyline combined with the peaceful sea. 

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skydive yarra valley
Yarra Valley

Yarra Valley skydive is a must-try for nature lovers. Soar over an endless expanse of beautiful vineyards and farms by skydiving at Yarra Valley.

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skydive great ocean road
Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road is without a doubt the best option to skydive in Melbourne. The view of the majestic sea will leave you mesmerized as you freefall from more than 10,000 ft in the sky.

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What Are The Different Types of Skydiving in Melbourne?

In Melbourne, both experienced and beginners can go skydiving. 

How outdoor skydiving works is simple: strap on the harness, fly up to a certain altitude and skydive out of an airplane. Your free-fall lasts about 60 seconds and after reaching the designated altitude, your parachute is deployed. After that, you glide over Earth for 6-8 minutes. There are two sub-types of outdoor skydiving: tandem skydiving and solo skydiving.

Tandem Skydiving
Solo Skydiving

If you opt for a tandem skydive, you’ll be attached to a professional skydiver by a harness and he controls the jump completely, allowing you to enjoy the view. This is the most preferred option by those who are new to skydiving since it is safe, the required preparation is minimal and most of the work in the air is done by your instructor. 

Those who opt for tandem skydiving go through about 30 minutes of coaching; your instructor tells you what to do before and during your jump. Movements, actions and other instructions, including basic safety rules and guidelines. During the skydive, your instructor controls the jump, the parachute deployment and the landing!

Solo skydiving is ideal for experts and professionals since you control your dive entirely: from the jump and parachute deployment to the landing. It’s not strictly for those who are licensed; even first-time skydivers can jump solo. However, training for your first solo dive requires dedicated time and effort. 

You’ll learn all about the different equipment, their functionalities and uses, how to exit the aircraft, control and positioning of your body during the fall, what to do during common emergency situations and more. There are various levels to clear before becoming a licensed skydiver.  

Know Before You Go Skydiving in Melbourne

Age Limit
What to Wear

For skydiving in Melbourne, those above the legal age of 18 can go skydiving. Individuals between the age of 12-17 need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. All those skydiving in Melbourne must carry a valid government ID to the diving center. 

Individuals below 95 kg can go skydiving. Those between 95-110 kg need to pay a nominal surcharge amount, while those above 110 kg will be subject to a fitness assessment. Pregnant women, those with heart conditions, epilepsy, dislocated joints, etc., should avoid skydiving. 

Avoid consumption of alcohol and other narcotics up to 8 hours before your jump. Avoid scuba diving up to 24 hours before your skydive.

It is recommended that skydivers wear comfortable, athletic clothing for the experience. Since the harness will be tightly secured, it is best if you wear clothing that won’t get stuck or tear. Avoid sandals and heels, and only wear closed-toe shoes. The skydiving center will provide a customized jumpsuit to put on before your jump. In winter, you will be given gloves and other required material to keep warm.

Since any skydiving experience is dependent on weather, your dive can be rescheduled or canceled if there’s rain, poor visibility, fog, heavy wind. In general, prepare to spend about 3-4 hours at the site and ensure that you arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled skydive to complete all the paperwork and training.

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What Are The Different Skydive Melbourne tickets?

skydive st kilda
Skydive St.Kilda Beach Tandem Freefall

Freefall from 15,000ft high and witness Melbourne City's skyline spectacularly complemented by Port Philip Bay's sparkling waves. Your Package includes free transfers from CBD to the skydiving center in Melbourne.

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skydive yarra valley
Skydive Yarra Valley Tandem Freefall

Enjoy splendid views of the Australian countryside by freefalling from 15,000 ft in the air over Yarra Valley. Your Skydive Melbourne ticket also includes free return transfers from Melbourne’s Central Business District as an added bonus.

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skydive great ocean road
Skydive Great Ocean Road Tandem Freefall

Soak in fantastic views of sandy beaches at Melbourne’s Great Ocean Road and Torquay from 15,000 ft in the air. Your package includes free transfers between Southbank and Great Ocean Road skydive center.

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Tips for Skydiving in Melbourne

1. Avoid eating large portions of heavy food before your skydive. Eat small portions of healthy food.
2. Women can request a female tandem skydiving instructor if they wish
3. Make sure to smile in the direction of the camera. These are moments you would want captured for a lifetime.
4. While on the aircraft, if you feel anxiety settling in, take a few deep breaths in regular intervals to help calm your nerves
5. Try and complete some basic warm-up exercises before your skydive
6. Remember to keep your eyes open during the freefall. The views are definitely not to be missed of Melbourne city
7. Wear loose, comfortable clothing with sneakers for your skydive. The center will give you a customized jumpsuit and other warm clothing during winters.
8. Try and get to your skydiving center in advance. You will be required to fill out some paperwork and will undergo a standard physical fitness exam.

Skydiving in Melbourne Reviews

“It was my first time skydiving, and my instructor went above and beyond to make the experience unforgettable! I felt safe the entire time, and always more hyped than nervous! I even got to do a few spins when the parachute came out, it is honestly In my top 3 life experiences. (I went with a good friend which calmed the nerves a bit, but everyone else in the group was doing it solo!). Just do it, book today - it's worth the money!”
Skydiving in St. Kilda
“This was an experience of a lifetime. For someone like me that has a fear of heights, the team at Yarra Valley from the time we stepped in made you feel welcomed, at ease and safe! All safety procedures explained thoroughly . This team is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend giving this a go! Thanks everyone at Skydive Yarra Valley for this truly amazing experience!”
Skydiving in Yarra Valley
“I can't help but to write review of Skydive, Melbourne so that more people can join them in skydiving! Great customer service who respond to my queries promptly on my booking. A confirmation call is also given a day before to update the schedule. Not forgetting saying thanks to my wonderful instructor, Kyle, who did a good job in taking awesome photos and video of me throughout the dive. He is also very professional in ensuring everything is in placed like the hooks, harness and goggles. A thousand thumbs up for the very unforgettable memory you created for me and my partner.”
Xiaopingzi T
Skydiving in Great Ocean Road