Skydive Melbourne - 12 Apostles dropzone

About 12 Apostles Skydive Dropzone

The 12 Apostles are a set of limestone stacks near the famed Great Ocean Road in Victoria, just off the coast of the Port Campbell National Park. Close to a 3 hour drive from Melbourne, the 12 Apostles may seem a little far. However, every minute of the journey feels worth it when you get a 360 degree perspective of one of Australia’s most remarkable natural formations. Also look out for the Peterborough Coastal Reserve, Bay of Islands and the Loch Ard Gorge when you take the leap!

Know before you go skydiving at 12 Apostles

What to wear
What to eat
Age & weight restrictions

12 Apostles skydives usually take place from Thursday through Monday between 9am and 5pm. Do keep in mind that days and timings for the activity may differ each month.

Get the early morning slots for lesser crowds and awesome views.

The Central Business District of Melbourne sits just shy of 3 hours away from the 12 Apostles and it is about 226 km away. 

Address: Great Ocean Road Airport, Great Ocean Rd, Timboon-Peterborough Rd, Peterborough VIC 3270, Australia.  Find on Maps

There are a number of ways to reach the 12 Apostles skydive dropzone, but most of them require multiple changes of transport. The best way to get there is by car.  If you’re driving to the site, taking the M1 would be the fastest route. National Highway M8 is also an option, but it may be a slightly lengthier journey taking more than three and a half hours.

Beginner or long-term enthusiast, there is some degree of risk associated with a high-intensity sport like skydiving. One of the best skydiving experiences near Melbourne, the 12 Apostles skydives have some stellar safety highlights:

  • Suitability check: Medical fitness and other conditions are thoroughly assessed before each flight for all guests. Safety is given the topmost priority before the dive.
  • Registration: Online registration to the Australian Parachute Federation is done before participants take part in the activity.
  • Latest equipment: During the skydive, you will be provided with industry approved equipment like harnesses, goggles, helmets, parachutes etc to ensure a safe and exhilarating experience.
  • Professional guidance: Professional jumpmasters will accompany guests during the dive so that you can enjoy the activity without any worries. Prior to the flight, there will also be a briefing session. 
  • Weather restrictions: The weather has the last word when it comes to skydiving. Therefore, you will only be allowed to take part in the activity in the right weather conditions. Otherwise, it’ll be rescheduled.
  • Comfortable clothes and activewear are the most suitable attire for the activity. 
  • Opt for enclosed shoes. For safety reasons, hiking boots and heels cannot be worn when you’re skydiving. 
  • If you wear contact lenses or glasses, you can keep them on under skydiving goggles.
  • Carry some warm clothes for when you’re jumping from a high altitude.
  • Do not consume drugs or alcohol at least 8 hours before your dive. 
  • A light breakfast is good before the activity. Make sure you do not overeat or starve yourself. 
  • Dehydration can pose serious risks. Do make sure that you’re drinking enough water.
  • Age restriction: Guests under 12 years of age cannot participate in the 12 Apostles skydives. For those under 18, a legal guardian or a parent must be present on the day of the dive to give consent.
  • Weight restriction: The Safety Officer on site will examine if you are suitable for the activity if you are over 105 kg. Their word will be final on the matter.
  • Restrictions: Guests with certain medical conditions, guests who are pregnant, as well as guests who do not fall under the permitted weight and age directives will not be able to participate in this experience. So, check all the requirements before getting your tickets. 
  • Personal possessions: Personal items like Go-Pros, phones, cameras, etc., will not be allowed.
  • Basic preparation: Before you fly up for your dive, make sure that you have prepared well. Remember to go to the loo before the flight, eat a light breakfast and check your attire to ensure that you comply with the dress code of the activity. 
  • Scuba diving: Rapid pressure changes on the body can be risky. Make sure that you keep at least a 24 hour gap between skydiving and scuba diving.
  • Medical disclosure: Certain medical conditions like heart issues, epilepsy, hypertension, etc can cause problems during skydiving, so make sure that you tell the team your medical history in detail during assessment. 
  • Health Certificate: The drop zone Safety Officer may need a medical certificate signed off by a doctor before you’re allowed to fly. Make sure that you have one ready.  
  • Arrival: Arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled session time so that you need not rush through the paperwork and briefing procedures.

Frequently asked questions about skydiving at Melbourne 12 Apostles

Where is the 12 Apostles skydiving dropzone?

The 12 Apostles sit just about 3 hours away from the Melbourne Central Business District. The participants take off from the Great Ocean Road airport. The address is Great Ocean Rd, Timboon-Peterborough Rd, Peterborough VIC 3270, Australia.

Is it worth going to 12 Apostles?

The 12 Apostles are one of the seven wonders of Australia. Besides that, you’ll be able to fly over the Great Ocean Road and its vast coastline full of beautiful beaches and other amazing natural rock formations like Loch Ard Gorge, the Bay of Martyrs and others.

What are my ticket options for 12 Apostles?

For this experience, you have a couple of ticket options. With the 15,000ft ticket, your plane will take you up to 15,000ft and you can experience a free-fall of 60 seconds.  Otherwise, there is also a 10,000ft ticket, in which the plane goes up to 10,000ft above ground and you can free fall for 40 seconds.

What can I see at this dropzone?

The 12 Apostles limestone formation is the main attraction of this skydive. But, apart from that, you will also get to see the beautiful coastline, the Great Ocean Road running alongside, the Peterborough Coastal Reserve, the Port Campbell National Park and many other tourist attractions.

What is the best way to get to this dropzone?

The best way to get to the Great Ocean Road Airport is by car. It will take a little less than 3 hours to drive down from the Melbourne CBD.

What are the age restrictions for the 12 Apostles skydives?

Guests under 12 years of age will not be allowed to participate in the 12 Apostles skydives. Participants who are under 18 will need parental/guardian consent.

What makes 12 Apostles better than other spots for skydiving?

The 12 Apostles limestone stacks are some of the most spectacular rock formations in Australia. And when it comes to an aerial view of this natural phenomenon, the experience is beyond comparison. This makes the skydives at the 12 Apostles uber special!

How far is the 12 Apostles skydiving location from Melbourne Airport?

The 12 Apostles dropzone is about 3 hours away from the Melbourne Airport.