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Toronto, Canada’s largest city, is home to a multicultural population and offers a wide range of exciting activities to choose from. The beauty of the city gets highlighted further with Toronto's skydiving experience. Hold your breath as you jump from a height of over 11,000 feet to admire the stunning views of this city. And if that sounds too scary, then opt for iFly Toronto to defy gravity, which is both safe and fun.

Why go skydiving in Toronto?

  • The bustling city of Toronto offers a wide range of museums, parks, and iconic landmarks to explore. And if you wish to enjoy the thrilling view of the lakes surrounding this city, then skydiving in Toronto is the best way to achieve that!
  • Toronto city offers two major skydive drop zones: Cookstown and Cayuga East Airport. Both the towns are located close to Toronto and offer an amazing view from over 11,000 feet.
  • Soar in the sky while enjoying the stunning views of Lake Simcoe, Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, and Toronto’s skyline.
  • There are two indoor skydiving facilities in Toronto where you can experience skydiving without any parachute or a plane – iFly Toronto (Oakville) and iFly Toronto (Whitby)

Toronto Skydive Locations

Toronto Skydive

Toronto Skydive - Skydiving at Cookstown

Cookstown Drop Zone, located close to Toronto, is surrounded by beautiful lakes and offers stunning views to the skydivers. Jump from a height of 13,000 feet to take in the gorgeous view of Lake Simcoe, Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, and the Toronto city’s skyline in the distance. This is a lifetime experience that you shouldn’t miss out on!

Distance From Toronto: 93.6 km, approximately 1 hour 4 minutes 

Skydive Center: 3065 4th Line, Cookstown, Ontario, L0L 1L0, Canada

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Toronto Skydive – Skydiving at Cayuga East Airport

Skydive Ontario facility at Cayuga East Airport Drop Zone offers a gorgeous view of the countryside and the surrounding lakes from the top. Prepare to get dazzled by the top view of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie as you skydive from a height of over 11,000 feet! Enjoy the adrenaline rush as you free fall at over 120 miles per hour. This campus facility hosts a skydiving school as well if you wish to get a license.

Distance From Toronto: 101 km, approximately 1 hour 14 minutes

 Skydive Center: Skydive Ontario, C/o Skydive Cayuga Inc., 5820 Highway 3, Cayuga, ON, N0A 1E0

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iFLY Toronto – Oakville, Toronto

Scared of heights? Opt for the indoor skydiving experience at iFly Toronto – Oakville. The venue uses SkyVenture technology that aims at giving a safe and fun experience to all flyers. Gear up to feel the sensation of free fall inside a 14-inch enclosed tunnel while the wind holds you up in the air for a one-of-a-kind experience!

 Distance From Toronto: 37.6 km, approximately 26 minutes

 Skydive Center: 1225 Trafalgar Road, Oakville, Ontario L6H 0H3, Canada

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iFLY Toronto – Whitby, Toronto

At iFly Toronto, enjoy the thrill of indoor skydiving in the flight chamber while the strong wind holds you up in the air. It is the perfect activity for guests who which to kickstart their skydive adventure in a safe and secure environment. Depending on the package selected, you can go for this experience several times until you conquer your fears!

Distance From Toronto: 54.5 km, approximately 40 minutes)  

Skydive Center: 75 Consumers Dr, Building I, Whitby (Ontario), Canada L1N 9S2

Skydiving for the first time? Go Tandem Skydiving or iFLY Toronto

Tandem Skydiving Toronto
IFLY Toronto

Tandem skydiving is a popular activity among first-time divers who wish to feel the thrill of free-falling from a great height. Here you'll be accompanied by an instructor who is well-trained and knows exactly how to make the experience more comfortable for you. 

By going for the Toronto tandem skydive, a professional, licensed skydiver will be attached to you by a harness. The jump will be controlled entirely by them, allowing you to happily enjoy the view. All it takes is 30 minutes of training and instructions regarding body movements to adapt and safety rules to follow after which, you can get ready to make the jump!

If you are afraid of heights or unsure about outdoor skydiving, then indoor skydiving at iFly Toronto would be the best option for you! This activity is open to all ages and you'll be accompanied by a trained instructor who will guide you through the entire flying process. It is perfect for both beginners and experienced skydivers.

You are provided a jumpsuit, goggles, helmet, and other equipment to wear for your flight and taken to the flight chamber. Here, you can experience the feeling of weightlessness as a powerful wind blows to hold you up in the air, simulating a skydiving experience for you.

Toronto Skydive Options

Skydive Toronto Tickets

Toronto – Skydiving at Cookstown

  • Skydive from 13,000 feet over Cookstown and enjoy the thrill of a free fall at over 120 mph.
  • Treat your eyes to a bird's eye view of the beautiful lakes surrounding the city and Toronto’s skyline.
  • Get a professional camera flyer to accompany you on this activity to record your entire dive.
  • The Skydive Toronto experience will take around 3-4 hours, starting from the form filling to the jump up to the landing.
  • Collect your skydiving photos and videos so that you can show them to your family and friends.
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Toronto - Skydiving at Cayuga East Airport

  • Jump from over 11,000 feet and enjoy the stunning views of the lakes and the lakeside shores.
  • Soar in the sky for about 5-7 minutes while taking in the views of Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, and the skyline of Toronto.
  • Free fall at a speed of over 120 miles per hour and experience the weightlessness and adrenaline rush that courses through your body!
  • Our trained, licensed instructor along with state-of-the-art equipment will ensure that your skydiving experience is comfortable and safe.
  • Take a media package to get your skydive experience documented so that you can take home photos and videos of this activity.
Skydive Toronto Tickets

iFLY Toronto at Oakville, Toronto

  • Experience the world’s second indoor recirculating skydiving simulator in Canada.
  • Feel the free-fall portion of the skydiving experience in a safe and supervised environment.
  • A trained instructor will train you for your flight and guide you on how to position yourself to enjoy it.
  • Enjoy this activity multiple times by choosing the package of 2 flights, 4 flights, or 10 flights.
  • Get photos and videos of your flight from the center to take home and show your friends and family.
Skydive Toronto Tickets

iFLY Toronto at Whitby, Toronto

  • Get ready to enjoy the free fall during a skydiving jump without the actual jump.
  • Make the most of your skydiving experience in a safe and supervised environment.
  • Select the best flight package so that you can go on multiple flights in a day.
  • Observe other flyers before you to get an idea of how the simulation works.

Solo skydiving

If you are an experienced diver or a licensed skydiver, then solo skydiving would be ideal for you. You can manage the entire skydive on your own, starting from the jump to opening the parachute and finally making a safe landing as well.

While solo skydiving is mostly opted by experienced divers, it can be done by beginners as well. But, if you are a first-time diver, then you would need to attend a 3-4 hour training session where the trained professional will describe the entire procedure to you. From the right way to exit the plane, how to control the free-fall, when to deploy the parachute to the best way to land lots and more.

What to Expect on Your First Skydive Tandem Fall in Toronto

Skydive slot availability depends on the weather

Weather plays a major role in skydiving since tandem skydiving is an outdoor activity. So, your skydive slot might get shifted a little based on the slot availability and the weather conditions. To ensure that you don’t miss out on this activity, book an early morning slot and arrive on time to complete the formalities as the weather clears up for skydiving.

Before the skydive

Get proper rest the day before your skydive so that you are fresh and rested during the activity. You might be a little nervous but it is important to sleep soundly the night before. In the morning, have a healthy breakfast and pack light snacks to enjoy at the facility. Wear comfortable attire and carry extra layers as it can be a little chilly high up in the sky.

Arrival at the skydiving facility

Once you reach the drop zone, your skydiving experience begins. A routine temperature check will be carried out at the entrance after which you will need to fill out all the necessary documents. Next, a health check-up would be conducted to determine your height, weight, and other important medical information.

Training Session

You will be introduced to an instructor who would give you a short training session on the safety guidelines and the best way to position yourself during a free fall. After that, the instructor will put the harness on you and provide you with other necessary gear for skydiving. If you chose a media package, then a professional camera flyer will interview and take your photos and videos before you go to the boarding area.

Gearing up and technical checks

Arrive at the boarding area and wait for the safety check of the skydiving equipment and the aircraft before you board the plane. Slowly, you will ascend and reach the exit altitude. You will be tied to the front of the licensed skydiver using the harness and after once final check, jump from the plane.

The Tandem Fall

You will free fall for 45 – 60 seconds, enjoying the stunning scenery around you. The instructor will open the parachute at around 5,000 feet after which you would gently soar in the sky for 5-7 minutes.


Enjoy the 360-degree view while gently floating back to the base. After landing on the ground, you can get out of the gear and head towards the exit once you have collected the photos and videos of your dive.

Tandem Skydiving in Toronto Requirements and Safety Measures

Skydive Toronto Tickets
Age Limit

To skydive in Toronto, you need to be a minimum of 18 years old but this can vary depending on the skydiving facility that you choose. At the Skydive Toronto facility, 16 and 17 years are also allowed to skydive as long as the parents are present onsite and sign the consent form. If you are 70+ years old, then get medical clearance from your physician.

Body Weight

For tandem skydiving in Toronto, one needs to weigh less than 280 pounds and will have to pay additional charges if one weighs more than 240 pounds. Basically, if you are healthy and able, then you can go tandem skydiving.

What to Wear

Guests are advised to wear comfortable activewear such as pants, t-shirts (without collar), and running shoes. Avoid wearing sandals or boots or any accessories that might easily fall. Bring a warm top, thermals, gloves, etc. if it is a chilly day.

What to Eat

Have a good and hearty breakfast before you leave for the drop zone and carry some snacks and water for you to enjoy at the facility. Don’t overeat or have too much greasy food before the dive as it can upset your stomach as you free fall.


Skydiving is primarily dependent on the weather so, if there is rainfall, high winds, or low clouds, then your activity could be canceled or rescheduled by the facility. Check the weather forecast and arrive early at the facility to complete all your forms while the weather clears. If the weather doesn’t clear up the entire day, then you can reschedule your dive for another day. Plan your skydive in the summer season between the months of April and October as the weather is pleasant and it is a good time to free fall from the sky.

iFLY Toronto Requirements and Safety Measures

Skydive Toronto Tickets
Age Limit

For indoor skydiving at iFly Toronto, you can be as young as 4 years old and will be accompanied by a trained instructor during the entire flight. Pregnant women are not allowed to go indoor skydiving.

Body Weight

As long as you are fit and healthy, you can fly in the wind tunnel. There is no restriction on the weight of the flyers but if you are overweight, it would be a good idea to reach out to iFly Toronto before booking your tickets.

What to Wear

Make sure that you wear comfortable clothes with laced-up running shoes for the flight. You can wear a t-shirt with no collar with athletic pants or shorts. We provide our guests with a flight suit and other important equipment that needs to be worn over the clothes. Also, get a rubber band to tie up your hair or a brush to comb it after the flight.

What to Eat

Guests can enjoy light snacks before the flight to keep them energized during the activity. Don’t eat greasy food before the flight.

Plan Your Toronto Skydiving Experience

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All Questions Answered about Skydiving in Toronto

Is skydiving in Toronto open to visitors now?

Yes, you can go skydiving in Toronto. All the locations are open to visitors with safety measures in place.

Can I book skydive Toronto tickets online?

Yes, you can book a skydiving experience at all the centers of Skydive Toronto.

What are the different skydive Toronto tickets?

There are both indoor and outdoor skydiving options available in Toronto. If guests are interested in an outdoor skydive, then they can opt for Cookstown or Cayuga East Airport facility for skydiving. For indoor skydiving, you can choose between iFly Toronto – Oakville or iFly Toronto – Whitby.

Can I go tandem skydiving in Toronto?

Yes, you can go tandem skydiving in Toronto and be safe in the hands of a professional, licensed instructor. Both Cookston and Cayuga East Airport offer tandem skydiving in their packages.

What is the age limit to go tandem skydiving in Toronto?

For tandem skydiving in Toronto, all guests must be 18 years or old. Minors who are 16 or 17 years old can skydive as long as they get their parental or legal guardian’s consent and are accompanied by them onsite.

Are there any weight-related regulations to go tandem skydiving in Toronto?

The maximum permissible weight is 127 kgs (280 pounds) for tandem skydiving in Toronto. Guests who weigh more than 113 kgs (249 pounds) are charged an additional fee.

What should I wear to go skydiving in Toronto?

Comfortable activewear is ideal for skydiving in Toronto. Get an extra warm top as it might be chilly up and wear running shoes. Avoid wearing heels or boots and remove any accessories or jewelry that you might be wearing.

At what height will my parachute open?

Generally, the jumpmasters launch the parachute between the height of 5,500 feet and 4,000 feet.

What if my parachute doesn’t open?

All the parachute systems are equipped with the main parachute and a reserve parachute. So, if your main parachute isn’t working, then you can open the reserve parachute instead.