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Located in North Texas, Dallas boasts gorgeous landscapes and is a major tourist destination for its rich history, adventure activities and sightseeing. If you have always wanted to try skydiving, then Dallas is the best place for you. Skydive from over 10,000 feet to enjoy the gorgeous views of the picturesque landscapes. The city also offers an indoor skydiving experience at iFly Dallas for anyone who wishes to experience skydiving in a safe and controlled environment.

Why go skydiving in Dallas?

  • Dallas is a perfect location for skydiving as it offers stunning views of the countryside, lakes, Dallas city, and other beautiful sights.
  • Skydiving in Dallas is not just limited to experienced skydivers but is also for first-time divers and newbie adventure explorers.
  • Experience the surreal feeling of freefalling from an incredible height of over 10,000 feet at 120 miles per hour!
  • The city offers three outdoor skydiving locations at Whitewright, Caddo Mills, and Ennis. Alternatively, you can experience indoor skydiving at iFly Dallas.

Dallas Skydive Locations

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Dallas Skydive - Skydiving at Spaceland Dallas, Whitewright

The Whitewright Drop Zone in Dallas is located close to the Forth Worth area and offers a captivating experience for thrill-seekers. Skydive over the countryside from an incredible height of 14,000 feet to marvel at the gorgeous views of the Dallas skyline and the nearby lakes and attractions.

Distance From Dallas: 97.3km, approximately 1 hour 7 minutes

 Skydive Center: 1039 Private Road 438, Whitewright, TX 75491

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Dallas Skydive - Skydiving at Caddo Mills, Dallas

Get ready for an incredible experience as you skydive from the Caddo Mills Drop Zone in Dallas where you will be greeted with breathtaking views! Enjoy a dive from 13,500 feet and you will see stunning views of Greenville, the Dallas skyline, Lake Ray Hubbard, Rockwall, and Lake Tawakoni. This drop zone is located close to the city and also offers group formation packages to visitors.

Distance From Dallas: 64 km, approximately 44 minutes  

Skydive Center: 3517 County Road 2615, Caddo Mills, 75135

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Dallas Skydive - Skydiving at Ennis, Dallas

The Ennis Drop Zone is a premier skydiving location in Dallas that offers a stunning view of the city. Explore the beauty of Dallas from a height of 10,000 feet as you gently soar over the city and fly back to the base using your parachute. The Skydive Dallas Ennis Campus is situated close to the city and is great for anyone who wants to enjoy solo skydiving as well.

Distance From Dallas: 60.5 km, approximately 41 minutes  

Skydive Center: 100 Airport Dr, Ennis Municipal Airport Terminal, Ennis, Texas 75119

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iFLY Dallas - Frisco, Texas

To get a taste of how real skydiving feels like without requiring to get on a plane and jump, iFly Dallas is the best place to go! Experience the rush of flying as you soar in this powerful wind tunnel in a completely safe and supervised environment. Indoor skydiving is a lot of fun and is ideal for both beginner and experienced skydivers.

Distance From Dallas: 40.9 km, approximately 30 minutes 

Skydive Center: 8380 TX-121, Frisco, TX 75034, United States

Skydiving for the first time? Go Tandem Skydiving or iFLY Dallas

Tandem Skydiving Dallas
IFLY Dallas

If you are a newbie to skydiving, then tandem skydiving is the best way to go! With this type of skydiving, you do not freefall solo from the aeroplane as you'll be accompanied by a licensed skydive instructor. The trainer will take care of everything from start to finish, making it a completely hassle-free experience for you.

Before the jump, you will be attached to your instructor using the harness. The instructor will then control every aspect including the jump, parachute deployment, landing, and will help you feel comfortable during the freefall as well. You just need to attend the 30-minute briefing session before boarding the plane where you learn about the safety guidelines and best body movements and you are all set to go.

iFly Dallas offers a unique indoor skydiving experience in a state-of-the-art wind tunnel facility. This indoor skydiving activity is ideal for both professional skydivers and first-time divers as it is conducted in a safe and supervised environment. With this type of skydiving, you can experience how free-falling from 10,000 feet feels like without the commitment of actually jumping from a plane.

Get suited up in the flight jumpsuit, helmet, goggles, and other equipment to enjoy the feel of flying as the powerful wind blows through the vertical tunnel. A flying instructor will train you before your flight and guide you on the best body movements to make the most of your experience.

Dallas Skydive Options

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Dallas- Skydiving at Spaceland Dallas, Whitewright

  • Get strapped to an experienced instructor and then jump off from the plane for an incredible feeling of weightlessness and adrenaline rush.
  • Skydive from a height of 14,000 feet and freefall at 120 miles per hour to experience the thrill of this sport!
  • Prepare to pull the ripcord of your parachute to gently float in the sky for 5-7 minutes during your skydiving experience.
  • Enjoy the stunning views of the countryside, lakes, and the Dallas skyline as you soar in the air.
  • Take home a professionally edited video and photos as a memory of what you did and how it felt.
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Dallas - Skydiving at Caddo Mills, Dallas

  • Take a plunge while being harnessed to a licensed skydiver to enjoy the thrilling of skydiving.
  • Enjoy a bird’s eye view as you skydive from 13,500 feet and gently fly with your parachute.
  • Experience the rush of freefalling at over 120 miles per hour for 60 seconds before opening the parachute!
  • Marvel at the stunning views of Greenville, Lake Ray Hubbard, Rockwall, Lake Tawakoni, and the Dallas skyline from your dive.
  • Get your First Tandem certificate along with the photos and the videos of your skydive that you had purchased to relive the experience.
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Dallas - Skydiving at Ennis, Dallas

  • Jump from the plane while being tethered to a licensed skydiver to experience the rush of flying.
  • Tandem skydiving at Ennis takes place from a height of over 10,000 feet over Dallas city.
  • Experience the feeling of weightlessness as you freefall for 45 seconds at over 120 miles per hour!
  • Explore the beauty of Dallas as you fly over the city with your parachute for 5-7 minutes.
  • Get your entire dive documented and take home professionally edited videos and photos to remember this experience.
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iFLY Dallas at Frisco, Texas

  • Feel the adrenaline rush as you fly in the powerful wind tunnel at iFly Dallas.
  • Be ready to fly in just a few seconds without the hassle of a plane or a parachute.
  • Get trained for this activity by a well-trained instructor who will tell you the best body position to enjoy your flight.
  • Take home photos and videos of your flying experience to remember it forever.

Solo skydiving

For all experienced and professional skydivers, solo skydiving is the best choice! Solo skydiving, unlike tandem skydiving, offers complete control of the dive which is why it is commonly opted for by licensed or experienced skydivers.

But, beginners can also participate in a solo skydiving experience. All it takes is a proper training session of 3-4 hours in which they are taught the process and functionalities of skydiving from start to finish. Once ready, participants can gear up to make their jump solo!

What to Expect on Your First Skydive Tandem Fall in Dallas

Skydive slot availability depends on the weather

Weather is one of the most important factors in skydiving. As a result, your skydiving experience might get moved a bit due to the weather and slot availability. This is why we recommend everyone to book their skydiving slots early in the morning, around 7 a.m. If the weather is good, then you would need to complete a few formalities and training before you can skydive.

Before the skydive

Before you leave for the skydiving drop zone, make sure you have a good breakfast and pack a few light snacks as well to keep you relaxed at the facility. Select loose-fitted clothes such as pants or shorts, a t-shirt, and running shoes with lace. This will help you stay comfortable the entire day. And most importantly, don’t forget to get enough rest the night before skydiving. It is normal to feel restless but a good night’s sleep is crucial for you to enjoy the activity.

Arrival at the skydive facility

Your skydive experience at the Dallas center will commence as soon as you arrive. Since this is a strictly dated and timed activity, all the participants are requested to arrive 20 minutes earlier than their assigned slot. During this time, they can complete the documents and get the routine health check-up done so that they are ready to skydive at their allotted time.

Training Session

You will meet your instructor and the rest of the skydiving team now. Training will be conducted where you will receive instructions and tips for your skydive including what to do and what not to do. This is usually a 20-30 minute session so, do pay attention.

Gearing up and technical checks

After the quick briefing session, you will be fitted with your gear and be prepped for the skydive. At the same time, final safety checks are being conducted on the equipment and the aircraft. Next, your instructor will take you to the boarding area to board your plane. As you slowly make way to 14,000 feet, you can enjoy the outside views. You will be fastened to your skydive instructor and before making the jump, the jumpmaster will check everything one last time before you both jump off the plane.

The Tandem Fall

This is the best part of the skydiving experience – the freefall. You and the instructor will enjoy it for 45 – 60 seconds before the instructor deploys the parachute. As you slow down a bit, you can soak in the views around you which, in this case, would be the lakes and the lush landscape. This entire skydiving experience will last 5-7 minutes.


In the landing stage, you will gently float back to the base and can get out of the skydiving gear. Collect photos and videos that you would have paid for and exit the area.

Tandem Skydiving in Dallas Requirements and Safety Measures

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Age Limit

For skydiving in Dallas, you must be 18 years or above and have a valid photo ID to show at the drop zone. Dallas skydiving facilities don’t allow minors to skydive even with parental consent.

Body Weight

Participants that weigh up to 120 kgs (265 pounds) can do tandem skydiving in Dallas. Individuals who weigh more than 82 kgs (180 pounds) need to inform the Dallas skydiving facility in advance as they need to ensure that the harness will fit the participant securely. Additionally, if you weigh more than 100 kgs (220 pounds), then you need to pay extra charges for skydiving in Dallas.

What to Wear

It is recommended that the guests wear comfortable, relatively fitting clothes for the current weather. This can include jeans, shorts, t-shirts, sweats, and tennis/athletic shoes. Avoid any restrictive clothes or open-toed footwear. We will provide you with a jumpsuit to wear over your clothes for the dive.

What to Eat

Guests are encouraged to have light meals or a snack before heading to the drop zone. Avoid eating anything greasy or heavy before the dive. Also, don’t consume alcohol or drugs up to 24 hours prior to the skydive.


Since skydiving is majorly dependent on the weather, there are chances that your dive could get rescheduled due to poor visibility, rainfall, or high winds. In such a case, the facility will provide you with a rain check that never expires. Make sure that you arrive at the drop zone 20-30 minutes before the assigned slot so that you can fill out all the documents and complete the training while the weather improves. It can take around 3-4 hours for the whole skydiving experience, depending on the weather.

iFLY Dallas Requirements and Safety Measures

Skydive Dallas Tickets
Age Limit

While there is no age limit for Dallas indoor skydiving experience, 3 years is the minimum age group for the guests to participate in this activity. Pregnant women are not allowed to participate in this activity.

Body Weight

Anyone who weighs less than 136 kgs (300 pounds) can participate in Dallas indoor skydiving experience. However, participants who weigh between 118 kgs (260 pounds) and 136 kgs (300 pounds) need to reach out to iFly Dallas to inform them about their weight.

What to Wear

Choose casual and comfortable clothes such as athletic shoes, pants, and a t-shirt. Avoid any accessories that you could lose while flying. Bring a hair tie if you have long hair to keep them out of your face when you are flying.

What to Eat

Eat a healthy meal or snacks before the flight so that you don’t feel nervous and can truly enjoy the flight. Avoid eating greasy food or overeating just before the flight.

Plan Your Dallas Skydiving Experience

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All Questions Answered about Skydiving in Dallas

Is skydiving in Dallas open to visitors now?

Yes, visitors can go skydiving in Dallas in all the locations.

Can I book skydive Dallas tickets online?

Yes, you can make online reservations for skydiving at outdoor Dallas facilities such as Enis, Cado Mills, and Whitewright and iFly Dallas for indoor skydiving.

What are the different skydive Dallas tickets?

Visitors have the option of both indoor and outdoor skydiving in Dallas. There are three different skydiving locations for outdoor skydiving – Caddo Mills, Ennis, and Whitewright. If you want to try Dallas indoor skydiving experience, then opt for iFly Dallas.

Can I go tandem skydiving in Dallas?

Yes, absolutely. All the outdoor skydiving locations in Dallas offer tandem skydiving in Texas – Whitewright, Caddo Mills, and Ennis. You can enjoy the skydive with a professional, licensed skydive instructor who will control the dive for you.

What is the age limit to go tandem skydiving in Dallas?

Anyone 18 years or above can go tandem skydiving in Dallas as long as they bring a valid photo ID. Minors under 18 cannot skydive in Dallas with parental consent as well.

Are there any weight-related regulations to go tandem skydiving in Dallas?

Anyone who weighs under 120 kgs (265 pounds) can go tandem skydiving in Dallas. But participants who weigh more than 82 kgs (180 pounds) need to inform the Dallas skydiving facilities in advance. Moreover, guests who weigh more than 100 kgs (220 pounds) will need to pay an additional charge to skydive in Dallas.

What should I wear to go skydiving in Dallas?

Wear comfortably fitted clothing that won’t restrict your movement or become uncomfortable under the harness. Jeans, shorts, t-shirts, sweats, and athletic shoes are ideal for skydiving in Dallas. Avoid wearing sandals or boots or any kind of accessories.

At what height will my parachute open?

Generally, the skydive instructor will deploy the parachute around 5,000 feet so that you can float for a couple of minutes in the sky while enjoying the views.

What if my parachute doesn’t open?

All the skydiving equipment is thoroughly checked before each skydive so, the chances of this happening are quite low. If it does happen, then remember that each parachute system comes with a reserve parachute that can be used when the main parachute fails.