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Skydiving is one of the most exciting adventure sports that you can add to your bucket list, especially if you are visiting Chicago. The thrill of jumping from over 10,000 feet while enjoying the stunning views of the city’s skyline or the lush landscape is simply unbeatable. And the best part is that Chicago offers both indoor and outdoor skydiving experiences to its visitors. So, if you would like to experience skydiving in a safe and controlled environment, then you can try iFly Chicago.

Why go skydiving in Chicago?

  • Chicago skydiving facility caters to both newbie and experienced skydivers and offers both indoor and outdoor skydiving facilities to its visitors.
  • Experience how it feels to jump from a height of over 10,000 feet while admiring surreal views from the top.
  • Immerse in the eagle-eyed sight of the Chicago city’s skyline, lush green landscape, and the rivers during your skydive experience.
  • There are three indoor skydiving facilities in Chicago that you can select based on your convenience – iFly Chicago (Lincoln Park), iFly Chicago (Rosemont), and iFly Chicago (Naperville).

Chicago Skydive Locations

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Chicago Skydive - Skydiving at Ottawa

Get ready for an amazing experience! The Ottawa Drop Zone is a top-class skydiving location in Chicago that offers fabulous views of the Illinois River, Fox River, and the city’s skyline. You end up skydiving over a lush landscape from an incredible height of 13,000 feet to witness the panoramic view of the countryside.

Distance From Chicago: 129 km, approximately 1 hour 13 minutes 

 Skydive Center: 3215 E 1969th Rd, Ottawa, IL 61350

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Chicago Skydive - Skydiving at Sturtevant

The Sturtevant Drop Zone offers the best views as you can admire Lake Michigan, Milwaukee city, and the skyline of Chicago. Jump from a height of 14,000 feet to witness the lush green landscape beneath you. The skydiving facility also offers a licensed course that can be joined by anyone who is interested to learn this sport.

Distance From Chicago: 109 km, approximately 1 hour 1 minutes  

 Skydive Center: 13851 56th Rd, Sturtevant, WI 53177

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Chicago Skydive - Skydiving at Rochelle

The Rochelle Drop Zone is also a great skydiving location that is just an hour’s drive from Chicago and offers mesmerizing views of lush landscapes. Visitors can choose the exit altitude in the range of 9,000 feet – 18,000 feet and feel the adrenaline rush course through their body during the skydive experience. They also conduct skydiving events throughout the year that can be joined by experienced and licensed skydivers. 

Distance From Chicago: 128 km, approximately 1 hour 9 minutes

 Skydive Center: 1207 East Gurler Road, Rochelle, IL 61068

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iFLY Chicago - Lincoln Park, Illinois

The iFly Chicago Lincoln Park facility is perfect for beginners and anyone who doesn’t want to jump off a plane to experience skydiving. Feel your heart racing as you are lifted up by a powerful wind in the enclosed tunnel replicating the feeling of outdoor skydiving adventure. This is a safe activity and you can opt to try it as many times as you want.

Distance From Chicago: 6.2 km, approximately 9 minutes

Skydive Center: 800 West Scott Street, Chicago, IL 60610

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iFLY Chicago - Naperville, Illinois

iFly Chicago Naperville is another top-notch indoor skydiving facility in Chicago that allows you to experience skydiving without the hassle of a harness or a plane. You are coached by a trained instructor here on how to float inside the tunnel to enjoy the freefall experience. It is safe and fun to skydive in this indoor facility, making it perfect for newbie adventurers.

Distance From Chicago: 45.3 km, approximately 27 minutes 

 Skydive Center: 1752 Freedom Drive, Naperville, IL 60563

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iFLY Chicago - Rosemont, Illinois

If you are scared of outdoor skydiving, then iFly Chicago Rosemont is a great place to experience indoor skydiving. Here, you can immerse yourself in the feeling of flying in an enclosed tunnel while not having to worry about jumping from a plane. Moreover, indoor skydiving is safe and you can go on many flights in a single day. This activity is an ideal experience for beginners and adventure explorers.

Distance From Chicago: 26.9 km, approximately 21 minutes

 Skydive Center: 5520 Park Place, Rosemont, IL 60018

Skydiving for the first time? Go Tandem Skydiving or iFLY Chicago

Tandem Skydiving Chicago
IFLY Chicago

Tandem skydiving is a popular activity among first-time divers who wish to feel the thrill of free-falling from a great height. Here you'll be accompanied by an instructor who is well-trained and knows exactly how to make the experience more comfortable for you. 

By going for the Chicago tandem skydive, a professional, licensed skydiver will be attached to you by a harness. The jump will be controlled entirely by them, allowing you to happily enjoy the view. All it takes is 30 minutes of training and instructions regarding body movements to adapt and safety rules to follow after which, you can get ready to make the jump!

Want to experience freefalling but not ready to jump out of a plane? If the answer is yes, then indoor skydiving is the perfect choice for you. Defy gravity at iFly Chicago in a safe and secure environment.

You just need to get suited up at the facility before you enjoy the powerful winds in the tunnel that will give your body the feeling of freefall. At the facility, you will be coached by an instructor on how to move your body so that this experience is fun and comfortable for you.

Chicago Skydive Options

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Chicago - Skydiving at Ottawa

  • Buckle up with a qualified instructor and feel your heart pound loudly as you enjoy a freefall of over 120 miles per hour from an altitude of 13,000 feet!
  • Get your complete skydiving experience documented, from training to landing, by a professional camera flyer
  • Admire the magnificent views of the Chicago city’s skyline and other nearby sights during this activity!
  • Collect photos and edited videos of your skydive to cherish the memory and share it with others.
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Chicago - Skydiving at Sturtevant

  • Offers a picturesque view of Milwaukee, the gorgeous coastline of Lake Michigan, and Chicago’s skyline on clear days.
  • Enjoy tandem gliding with a licensed instructor who will control the skydive while you are free to enjoy the views and the thrilling feel.
  • Jump from a height of 14,000 feet to experience the rush of freefalling and get it recorded by a professional camera flyer.
  • Collect your skydiving memories in the form of photos and videos and watch them to reminiscence the experience.
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Chicago - Skydiving at Rochelle

  • Enjoy the adrenaline rush as you jump from a height of 18,000 feet and freefall at over 120 miles an hour!
  • Feel secure at being strapped to a professional instructor who controls the entire skydive while you focus on the views.
  • Marvel at the Rock River and other nearby sights that you get to witness a bird’s eye view on your skydive.
  • Get your entire experience documented so that you can collect photos and videos once you land on the ground.
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iFLY Chicago at Lincoln Park, Illinois

  • Experience the feeling of freefall inside a powerful vertical wind tunnel.
  • Enjoy the skydiving experience in a safe and controlled environment.
  • Start flying in just a few minutes without needing a parachute or a plane.
  • Watch other flyers before you as you prepare yourself for the flight.
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iFLY Chicago at Naperville, Illinois

  • Be prepared to experience skydiving without needing a harness or an airplane.
  • Revel in the feeling of weightlessness as you stay up in the air due to the powerful wind blowing inside the tunnel.
  • Collect photos and videos of your experience to remember this wonderful experience.
  • Be coached by an experienced instructor on how to move your body when flying.
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iFLY Chicago at Rosemont, Illinois

  • Get ready to skydive without having to jump from a plane.
  • Experience the thrill of floating on the wind in this indoor skydiving facility.
  • Observe other flyers and get excited about skydiving in a safe and secure environment.

Solo skydiving

For professional skydivers who have experience jumping from the plane and opening their parachute on time, solo skydiving is a great choice! Solo skydiving, unlike tandem skydiving, gives complete control of the entire paragliding experience to the user and is usually performed by licensed or experienced skydivers. 

That being said, beginners can also opt for a solo skydiving experience. However, they would need to be intensively trained where they will learn the importance of different equipment, the best way to exit the plane, when to deploy the parachute, the best way to freefall and land, and so on. 

What to Expect on Your First Skydive Tandem Fall in Chicago

Skydive slot availability depends on the weather

Weather plays a major role in skydiving which is why visitors are advised to be prepared for rescheduling of their skydiving slot. Make sure that you check the weather forecast before booking your online tickets and take the earliest slot available of the day. This way, you have sufficient time to complete the formalities, complete your training, and wait for the weather to clear up to continue with your skydiving experience.

Before the skydive

Sleep well the night before your skydive and eat a light, healthy breakfast in the morning before you leave for the Chicago skydiving facility. Opt for comfortably fitted clothes such as yoga pants, leggings, a long-sleeved t-shirt, along with a pair of sneakers or running shoes for the dive. Do fill out all the essential documents beforehand so that you don’t have to waste a lot of time on the ground.

Arrival at skydive facility

Once you reach the Chicago skydiving facility, your day begins. Since the weather can change at any moment, participants are advised to reach 15 – 20 minutes before their slot timing to complete other formalities such as a medical checkup, document check, and so on. Once your documents are submitted, you will be taken for the medical check-up where they will measure your height, weight, etc. to determine whether it is safe for you to skydive or not.

Training Session

After completing the check-ups, you will meet your instructor who will describe the entire journey to you, give you a safety briefing, share important body movements with you, and will help you gear up with the necessary equipment. You will also meet the professional camera flyer who would take your photos and videos to document your experience. In solo skydiving, you are alone but in tandem skydiving, you go with a professional skydiver who will be managing the jump, parachute deployment, and landing.

Gearing up and technical checks

You will be escorted to the boarding area where the safety checks on the aircraft and the skydiving equipment are being performed. After this, you board the plane and watch the surrounding views as you slowly ascend to the sky. It takes around 20 – 30 minutes to reach the exit height which can be anywhere between 9,000 feet to 18,000 feet. You will be attached to the harness of your instructor and after a final check, you will jump from the plane.

The Tandem Fall

Your entire skydiving experience is a total of 6 – 7 minutes in which you freefall for 60 seconds. Then, once the parachute is open, you can enjoy the stunning views surrounding you and soar gently in the sky for about 4 – 5 minutes.


Finally, you float back to the base to land on the ground. Once you reach the base, you exit the area and collect photos and videos of the skydiving experience.

Tandem Skydiving in Chicago Requirements and Safety Measures

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Age Limit

 Participants must be 18 years old and should have a valid photo ID to skydive in Chicago. Anyone with parental consent who is under 18 years old is not allowed to skydive at this facility.

Body Weight

The weight limit for the Chicago skydiving experience is 113 kgs (250 pounds). However, if you don’t fit the harness while being under this limit, then you won’t be taken for skydiving. This activity is not allowed for pregnant women and you should check with your doctor if there is some special medical condition. Scuba diving should be avoided 24 hours prior to skydiving.

What to Wear

 Loose but well-fitted clothes with running shoes are perfect for skydiving in Chicago. Also, do avoid wearing open-toed shoes or sandals and any loose clothing that could get stuck in the parachute. You will be provided with a jumpsuit along with other skydiving equipment to wear before the dive.

What to Eat

Avoid eating greasy or heavy food before the skydive and have a light meal only. You might feel a little nauseous if you have an unhealthy or heavy meal before the dive. Also, consumption of drugs and alcohol before the dive is strictly prohibited.


Adverse weather conditions such as high wind, cloud cover, precipitation, etc. could cancel or reschedule your skydiving session. In this case, the facility will allow you to reschedule your dive up to one year of the original date without any additional charges. You will spend around half a day on the skydiving activity which will include filling out the documents, training sessions, getting geared up, and the actual skydiving experience. This is why it is recommended for the participants to arrive early at the facility to complete everything on time. If you wish to skydive in pleasant weather, then plan your dive in the months of April to May or September – October. 

iFLY Chicago Requirements and Safety Measures

Skydive Chicago Tickets
Age Limit

 There is no particular age limitation for iFly Chicago but the participant needs to be at least 3 years old to experience indoor skydiving. Children who are under 18 years need a parent or legal guardian to sign their waiver form to take part in this. Also, pregnant women are not allowed in this activity. 

Body Weight

If you are reasonably fit and healthy, then you can go indoor skydiving. Guests who weigh less than 136 kgs (300 pounds) are permitted for skydiving but anyone who weighs more than 117.9 kgs (260 pounds) will need to get in touch with iFly Chicago before they arrive at the facility for the activity.

What to Wear

 All the participants are requested to wear casual and comfortable clothes such as a shirt without a collar, pants, and running shoes or lace-up sneakers. Avoid wearing accessories as you might lose them while skydiving and if you have long hair, then tie them low to avoid them getting tangled.

What to Eat

Enjoy a light and healthy snack before your indoor skydiving session. The chances of you feeling nauseous or motion sickness are quite low during the activity.

Plan Your Chicago Skydiving Experience

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All Questions Answered about Skydiving in Chicago

Is skydiving in Chicago open to visitors now?

Yes, skydiving in Chicago is currently open for different drop zones with all the safety measures being followed properly.

Can I book skydive Chicago tickets online?

Yes, guests can book the skydive Chicago tickets online. However, since the number of divers in a day has been reduced, it is essential that you book your online tickets in advance to get your desired slot.

What are the different skydive Chicago tickets?

At the Skydive Chicago facility, you have the option of choosing from indoor or outdoor skydiving. For indoor skydiving, you can go to iFly Chicago – Naperville (Illinois), iFly Chicago – Lincoln Park (Illinois), and iFly Chicago – Rosemont (Illinois). F or outdoor tandem skydiving, you have three Drop Zones to choose from which are Ottawa Drop Zone, Sturtevant Drop Zone, and Rochelle Drop Zone.

Can I go tandem skydiving in Chicago?

You can go tandem skydiving in Chicago and be accompanied by a professional, licensed instructor who will control everything. Tandem skydiving is available at the three Drop Zones – Ottawa, Sturtevant, and Rochelle. So, you can choose the location that is convenient and best suited for you.

What is the age limit to go tandem skydiving in Chicago?

Although there is no upper limit on the age, one needs to be 18 years old to go tandem skydiving in Chicago. You will need to carry a valid photo ID to be permitted to skydive. Anyone who is under 18 years old cannot skydive regardless of parental consent.

Are there any weight-related regulations to go tandem skydiving in Chicago?

To ensure the safety of the passenger and the instructors, the maximum weight accepted for skydiving is 113 kgs (250 pounds). However, if the harness doesn’t fit, then you might be turned back even if you are under the weight limit.

What should I wear to go skydiving in Chicago?

To ensure comfort while skydiving, wear athletic clothing such as track pants and t-shirts. Don’t wear loose clothing that could get stuck in a parachute and avoid accessories as well.

At what height will my parachute open?

This depends on the skydiving package that you have chosen. Depending on the altitude of the initial jump that can range anywhere between 10,000 ft and 15,000 ft, you enjoy a freefall of 45 – 60 seconds before the parachute is deployed.

What if my parachute doesn’t open?

This is an unlikely event but if your parachute doesn’t open, then don’t worry. Each skydiving equipment at Skydive Chicago comes with a main parachute, a reserve parachute, and an Automated Activation Device that will open your reserve parachute if you are unable to.