Skydive Dubai FAQs

Skydive Dubai FAQ

Skydive Dubai FAQs

Q. Is skydiving in Dubai safe?
A. Yes. Skydive Dubai is stringent about its safety measures and uses only the best skydiving equipment. 

Q. Where can I skydive in Dubai?
A. There are two primary locations to go skydiving in Dubai: Palm Drop Zone and Desert Campus Drop Zone. Skydive Dubai prices vary for both locations. You can also try indoor skydiving in Dubai at iFly Dubai.

Q. What should I wear to skydive in Dubai?
A. Wear comfortable, athletic clothing like t-shirts and track pants, with sneakers. Avoid loose clothing or anything that can get stuck in the parachute. Also avoid wearing any jewelry and accessories.

Q. What should I eat before skydiving in Dubai?
A. Eat a healthy, light meal before you go skydiving. Avoid greasy, heavy food. Remember that Skydive Dubai has a zero-tolerance policy for the consumption of alcohol and narcotics.

Q. What are Skydive Dubai prices?
A. Skydive Dubai costs vary depending on the location you pick. Skydiving at the Desert Campus Drop Zone costs AED 1,699, while the Palm Drop Zone costs AED 2,199. A gyrocopter flight costs AED 999. 

Q. What is tandem skydiving in Dubai?
A. Skydive Dubai offers beginners in the sport to try tandem skydiving: a process where you and a professional instructor are attached together by a harness. The instructor completely controls the skydive, parachute deployment and landing.

Q.  At what age can you go skydiving in Dubai?
A. Those above the age of 18 can go tandem skydiving in Dubai. Children between ages 12-18 need a signed consent form by a parent or legal guardian. Those above 70 need a signed declaration of fitness by a doctor.

Q. How long will my skydiving experience take?
A. The entire experience from your arrival until the final landing should take between 3-4 hours. The freefall only lasts for about 60 seconds after which you’ll take between 5-7 minutes to glide back onto Earth.

Q. What is the refund policy of Skydive Dubai?
A. If your scheduled dive is canceled because of bad weather conditions or other technical reasons, you will get a full refund on your booking. However, a refund should not be expected if the person does not meet the weight or BMI requirements or if they miss their time slot.

Q. What is the best time to go skydiving in Dubai?
A. November-April is the best time to go skydiving in Dubai owing to the pleasant temperature and cool breeze. Preferably pick a morning slot to get the best views from the top and capture well-lit photographs.

Q. Do I have to pay for the photos and videos of my Skydive Dubai experience?
A. You don’t have to pay an additional amount to capture photographs and videos as it is part of your purchased package.

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