Skydive Safety

Is Skydiving Safe?

Is Skydiving Safe?

One of the most frequently asked questions pertaining to skydiving is if it's safe. The simplest answer to this question is yes, absolutely yes. According to recent data, there were a total of 13 fatalities out of 3.1 million jumps. That's a clear indicator that skydiving isn't the life-threatening experience it's made out to be.

Can you die while skydiving?

Well, you can die during any activity, really. However, chances are higher of getting injured during other physical activities compared to skydiving -- like while you commute in the morning! Presently, skydiving centers around the world are extremely stringent when it comes to diver safety. This involves using superior quality equipment, training the skydiver properly and hiring certified skydiving instructors who know what they're doing. What's life without taking some risk?

How am I safe while skydiving?

To make skydiving even safer, there's a reserve parachute in your belt for the rare case where your primary parachute doesn't work. The skydiving suit is also equipped with an automatic release button which launches the parachute automatically after a certain point of time.

How long do I freefall while skydiving?

Many people also incorrectly assume that skydiving is majorly a freefall with the parachute opening at the very end. That's not the case. The freefall experience lasts for a mere 50 to 60 seconds post which the parachute is released for the remaining 4 to 5 minutes. You especially don't have anything to worry about in tandem skydiving since a certified instructor will be making the jump with you and control the parachute system. Even the AFF is completely safe given that you train properly and clock in enough practice hours.

What are the risks involved while skydiving?

Like any adventure sport, there are certain risks involved. Chances are, if you're a newbie -- trying tandem skydiving for the first few times -- you'll stick to basic movements and activities during your freefall. The risk is higher when you try AFF or advanced maneuvers like 'swooping'. This basically means, if you're worried about the risk, you're safe if you stick to simple, regular-maneuver skydiving.

Other types of risk involved can be related to injury during landing or freefall, or a parachute malfunctioning. Before you book your skydive drop zone, make sure to thoroughly vet the facility and you'll be safe. The entire experience will be over in under 7 minutes!